The Dave Rullo Project is the first installment of my extensive songbook. The six songs of 'That Girl,' have been written and recorded within the past two years and reflect a new direction in my journey as a songwriter. Recording this EP while living on Kauai with super-talented musicians has been a dream of mine for many years. Every songwriter has a vision of just how their songs should sound when produced, and this release is mine.

Hanalei Music is dedicating its efforts to bring forth indie musicians from Hawaii and beyond who draw their inspiration from a deep connection with the rhythm of the ocean.

Our mission is to introduce original music that is in all ways inspired by a lifestyle which is deeply rooted in the conservation and preservation of Planet H2O.

Dave Rullo Overlooking Hanalei Bay
Dave Says Hi
Dave Rullo on Hanalei Bay Beach
Original of  New Hanalei Music Logo
Dave Rullo Surfing
Dave Rullo
Dave and His Surfboard
Dave Rullo
Dave Rullo on Hanalei Bay
Dave Rullo and Guitar
Dave Rullo, 2011
Dave Rullo on Hanalei Bay Beach
Original Hanalei Music Artwork
Wind an Sea Surf Club 1964

In 2004 Hana (an original music band formed in 1972 by Dave Rullo, Herb Torrens, Jon Close and David Shoffner) came together to record this CD, 'Moment In Time,' solely for the purpose of finishing something we left undone many years earlier. Three of our four original members (Shoffner had a scheduling conflict) met up inside several recording studios around Southern California and worked diligently to record the CD live.


All of the songs were written by Dave Rullo and Jon Close, and each one has its own distinctive sound and feel. We call our sound "Hana Music" because there are too many genres to pinpoint. Our collective backgrounds are in folk, blues, classical with some smooth jazz and r&b tossed in.


In the end, when a dream is shared it often becomes a reality. For us the opportunity to reunite 30 plus years later in life was well worth the wait. One never wants to regret the things that they did not do. Our 'Moment In Time' did come and for us it was priceless.

The Dave Rullo Project



Hana: 1972