Hanalei Strings on Kauai

It's rare to discover such a gem of a music store in any community in the world, but Kauai boasts to the home of one of the best -- Hanalei Strings.

Their mission is straightforward: "...provide the most welcoming, supportive space for people (and dogs) interested in learning the wonderful art of making music and being creative."

Their offerings are myriad: They carry everything from entry-level ukuleles to the finest solid Koa Hawaiian handmade instruments. Vintage guitars and Hawaiian steel guitars can also be found here as well as musical accessories, hand drums and percussion instruments.

Hanalei Strings also is an educational center with group and private music lessons. Their stage and sound system allows them to host musical events. And, you can browse and discover the sounds of vintage vinyl records .

In addition, Hanalei Strings features not only stringed instruments, but another type of string -- Yarn. They have many yarns locally dyed and they offer lessons in knitting and crocheting.

Hanalei Strings is worth a visit if your in Kauai, but you can surf over to their website and discover more anytime.